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Ira is CaliSphynx's main man. He's a stunning red bicolor sphynx with jade green eyes from Hawaii. He's loving and sweet, he'll follow you around everywhere and sleep on your chest at night. He loves to groom us- he'll lick your face raw if you let him.



Xander is a Devon Rex from Ukraine. He's a people pleaser. No hesitation before he jumps on your shoulder to sit like a parrot. He's gentle and loving, wanting to be with you always. Xander is fawn, the dilution of cinnamon- one of the rarest colors out there!



Elva is an Elf from Russia. Hands down, the most over the top, loving, in your face cat I have ever had. She will literally wrap her arms around my neck in a human-like hug and rub her face on mine. She will only lay on your chest- no where else is acceptable. Elva can make anyone fall in love with cats. Under her dominant white DNA she's really a dilute tabby.

The Mamas and the Papas: Meet The Team


Rue is a Munchkin/Sphynx from California. She's my soul cat. She's confident and independent, and super chill. Hold her like a baby, give her to a toddler, she's just like - it's all good. She runs straight to you when you get home and is first on the scene whenever anyone is doing something fun.. opening mail, and  assembling furniture are her favs. She is the head cat and makes sure everyone knows it.



Louise is our lynx point Devon Rex female from Ukraine. She's got the most mesmerizing blue eyes and perfect alien cat face. She lays against my back all night long.

The Mamas and the Papas: Meet The Team
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